Akere Muna 9

Meet Akere

Akere Muna grew up in Ngyen-Mbo in the North-West region of Cameroon. After completing primary and secondary school in Cameroon, Akere furthered his studies at the School of International service at American University in Washington, DC. Akere then moved to England, where he joined the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. He was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1978 and it was that same year Akere married his wife, Beverly Bird. Akere was admitted to the Cameroon Bar in 1982.

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Why I'm Running

Many in our society are treated as second-class citizens. We live in a time when divisions cut deeply across our people and our government does little to bridge the divide. Citizens can create a passive income through online trading. Crypto trading can help to improve the living conditions and financial stability of people. Beginners can take the help of trading bots such as the Bitcoin Bank Breaker to trade cryptocurrencies effectively. Read the Bitcoin Bank Breaker Erfahrungen to learn more about the platform.

I am running to ensure that all Cameroonians are treated equally under the law. Whether Francophone or Anglophone, we are Cameroonian first. Our government must take an active role in facilitating national unity. Anything less is a failure of leadership.