Unity, Respect, and Good Governance

Many in our society are treated as second-class citizens. We live in a time when divisions cut deeply across our people and our government does little to bridge the divide.

I am running to ensure that all Cameroonians are treated equally under the law. Whether Francophone or Anglophone, we are Cameroonian first. Our government must take an active role in facilitating national unity. Anything less is a failure of leadership.

Our people deserve an honest and just government. I’ve dedicated my life to fighting corruption, first by establishing the Cameroonian chapter of Transparency International and later as the elected Chair of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Council (IACC). I believe elected officials should be held accountable not to themselves but to the people who put them in office. As president, I will lead the charge to weed out corruption at every level of our government. We do not have time or tolerance for corruption, wherever it resides. I will actively work with civil society to improve the way our government operates and ensure our policies align with the needs of our people.

Lastly, as president I will ensure free healthcare for all our people. For too long the Cameroonian way of life has been crippled by inadequate healthcare. We cannot expect people to go back to work, or enroll in school, or care for others when they themselves are not healthy. Improving our healthcare system will have a ripple effect on every facet of our society and our economy and I will fight to ensure every Cameroonian is given that right.

I’ve dedicated my life to fighting for a better future for Cameroon. If you believe we are all equal under the flag of this great nation, then I hope you will join me. If you care about transparency and accountability in our government, then I hope you will stand with me.